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Cars need maintenance and even when robots replace humans one day - they will need maintenance as well.  Behavioral-Based Improvement Solutions ( is a Small Business - dedicated to maintaining professionals serving on the front line of infectious disease.  Whether working in a laboratory or clinical setting, our professional development programs focus on the behaviors needed to achieve desired outcomes from our written plans.

We specialize in Biosafety Training (BSL2, BSL3, BSL4) and Clinical Containment in Hospital and Isolation Unit setting which deal with threats of emerging infectious diseases.  We minimize risks associated with Laboratory Acquired and Healthcare Associated Illnesses by preparing, protecting, and promoting the workforce. 

Most recently, we introduced the BioSafe360 program - bringing Science and Safety staff together to accomplish a general maintenance schedule for organizational safety.  A remote-based program which is demonstrating outstanding results in organizations and regions around the world.

Subscribing to this list will provide access to several professional development offerings.  We have not lived - we are living.  We have not trained - we are training.

Most programs we offer are free and recorded - so if you miss them - you have access to them at a later date and time.  Please consider registering and forwarding this invitation to other professionals who may be interested in subscribing to this list.

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Sean G. Kaufman

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